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    Prepress Camouflage Pattern

    If I can help, I'm all for it !
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    Prepress Camouflage Pattern

    Almost, there's no screening involved, only solids, It's the ink you mix to match subtracting first the 427 from the 428 and then, the 427 and 428 from the 429.
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    Prepress Camouflage Pattern

    Do you mix your inks in house? I think Gordo has the simplest solution here, It would require that you purposely make the other 2 inks as overprints, so you subtract the light ink in the dark inks when mixing.
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    Prepress Camouflage Pattern

    Is it correct to understand you are screening the PMS ?
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    Prepress Camouflage Pattern

    Can you post part of the pattern and even Screenshots/Pictures of your problems ?
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    PitStop 2019 - New Object Selection tool

    OMG ! such a great tool, cant wait to try it. Thank you to all the team @ Enfocus for this.
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    AccurioWide 160 Wide Format Printer To Debut At Print '18

    So basically it's a rebranded Dilli NEOSIRIUS ?
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    Hide Selection

    I still have mine in the contextual menu when I right-click on the object... or you can go to the Pitstop menu in the menu bar - Object - Hide selection
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    convert to IDML service?

    Ya sure pm me
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    Barcodes under 80%

    I had this issue in the pass, get them to sign a waiver so you can't take responsibility. It's the only logical course of action at that point. A customer who does not want to respect the minimum reproduction capability of the process employed is just asking for trouble.
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    Barcodes under 80%

    Why not suggest your customer use a zero suppressed upc code instead ?
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    Fiert IC 308 impose option

    At that price I would consider a standalone version like Preps or something like Imposition Wizard. When you change machine you get to keep it and wit upgrade get new features through time.
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    Acrobat crashes when loading Pitstop color database

    I had this issue a while ago, I fixed it by changing the CMM engine in the Pitstop Pref under Color Management.
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    Upgrading to Enfocus Pitstop 13 - worth it?

    Hey imperfectoutlaw, I went from 12 to 13 and just a single action is making it all worth my while "Generate Bleed to 3mm if Some, None, or not Enough" this is a time saver and job saver for me. And no this version is the fastest and most stable in my opinion, much faster when tabbing in fields...
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    Men vs Women

    LOL, actually my mother is the one that told my dad to hire me after the web bubble in the late 90 's early 2000. So ...

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