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    Epson 7900 + 9900

    i am looking to find the release date of the new Epson 7900 and 9900 in US. I called Epson and what they told me is "I have no knowledge of this" - - Either they are hush hush or having delays for release. I had originally heard OCT/NOV from drupa but know hear through grapevine that it would...
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    UPC Barcode Verification

    We have an HP Indigo 5000 in which we have currently printed coupons. At one time we had an older SymArt UPC barcode verifier, however, that has gone up in smoke - literally! My question is has anyone had any issues validating UPCs coming off the Indigo? Also, we were able to "read" the...
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    FM screening lines front to back of plate

    Re: FM screening lines front to back of plate I have been tracking the conductivity of the dev. Originally, we were receiving jugs that would read 88 microsemens. Now its seems like they are only about 80-82 as they come in. Are these older jugs? Additionally, we were told that Kodak would...
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    FM screening lines front to back of plate

    Re: FM screening lines front to back of plate We had a similar issue if I am reading correctly. The lines appeared on our plates about 1/8" apart. After several calls to Creo/Kodak, service tech came out and realigned head and corrected laser power. Lines were still apparent but not as bad...
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    Proofing Printer

    Re: Proofing Printer Minolta Bizhub 350 or 450 has capability of producing 12.25 x 18 and duplexed. Also if you purchase the fiery RIP you can produce and control decent color, although by no means for color proofing. Hope this helps. Not totally sure of costs.
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    Color management software for Epson 9800

    Re: Color management software for Epson 9800 I would highly recommend gmg. Far and away the best i've had to work with. Like any new software, it seems very difficult to work with at the start, however, after the learning curve, you will be absolutely satisfied. I have been using for the...
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    Dolev800V slowing down

    Re: Dolev800V slowing down It has been quite some time since working with the dolev. However, I believe that if you increase the buffer size on RIP this could aleaviate some of your time out issues. Like i said, many years since we have had this equipment here. Good luck
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    Wow - the future of Inkjet

    Re: Wow - the future of Inkjet I am impressed by the sure speed of the device. But really, when it comes down to it, is the device color accurate and to what degree??? I would need first hand analysis to sell me.
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    CREO PTP Processor Conductivity

    Does anybody perform readings of the conductivity of their creo developer for PTP? We had issues with plate not fully developing the non-image area so we increased the replenishment rate which has help. Purchased a conductivity meter in which a new jug of developer reads 88 (seimens or...
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    Trendsetter 800 Quantum Plating Issue?

    Re: Trendsetter 800 Quantum Plating Issue? Does it have the same file name. I know in the past we have had issues with a job not showing up if the file name is the same. By plating or deleting the first set with the same name others will then follow.

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