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    Easiest way to fix broken/corrupt/weird PDFs?

    For our customers with legal documents we always find it helpful to remind them about how a missing comma recently affected a nearby $5 million dollar legal case. Oxford Comma Dispute Is Settled as Maine Drivers Get $5 Million Then we suggest PDF-A as the industry standard format for a legal...
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    Mac files won't work in hot folder

    Not sure if that's the exact cause for your issues but we solved some network problems like this in the past by forcing the newer Macs to use SMB2 vs SMB3. There have been some incompatibilities in Apple's newest SMB implementation. You can change the defaults by editing the nsmb.conf file, see...
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    PANTONE GEO libraries for adobe applications

    If you have a recent Pantone book you can use the serial code from it to install the PANTONE Color Manager software from their site. Once you have it you can directly export the GOE libraries to your design programs. It's also handy to get...
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    Automatic masking software

    I have a client who is looking into the best options for regularly masking a few thousand images for a catalog we print. I looked at some of the automatic options in the past, and at least for the sample images I tried, we spent enough time cleaning up the results that it didn't seem to be much...
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    Import Adobe Color Books?

    If you have a physical PANTONE color book you can use the code printed on it to download the PANTONE Color Manager software for free (or you can buy it for $50). It has the most current values for all of their books built in, from there you...
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    Acrobat DC update today...

    Now I'm officially one step closer to no longer ignoring the "Update to Acrobat DC" button in the Creative Cloud app.
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    PDF file size limit?

    Hi Rich Have you tried turning off background processing when exporting the PDF? I've had better luck processing large or extremely complicated files with it turned off. Shawn
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    Permanent Crop Pitstop and or Acrobat

    It's not exactly the same I had to do something similar on a job a couple of weeks ago and found that the Pitstop 12 "move page content" global change was really helpful. Moved the content where it needed to be with the global change and chose "save as action list" from the global change...
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    Color Atlas Illustrator Script

    That scatter looks like it's based on some old pure postscript programming that was floating around many years ago. At the time I plugged it into an AppleScript that used TextWrangler to kick out a .ps file on the desktop that could then be made into a PDF. It'll ask you for a page size and...
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    RBA conundrum

    You can't specifically have RBA ask something, and then run based on the response. As a workaround you could make the trigger be a change to a custom field that only makes it run when a "run proof" checkbox is checked.
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    adobe cc 2014 update

    I like the idea of HAVING a package function in Photoshop. I don't like the idea of NEEDING a package function in Photoshop. Pretty much for the same reasons you mention. Most of the users sending Photoshop files as final art don't think of it as a design program, even if they're using it...
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    adobe cc 2014 update

    Nothing much earth-shattering that I've seen. Photoshop seems to have the most changes. It has a few new blur filters; a 'select focus option' and a new package feature since smart objects can now be links. Can't say I'm enthused about the necessity for packaging Photoshop files. Has Typekit...
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    Please help? Banding issues in Mavericks after callibration

    I believe the older model Quatos were an XRite DTP94. I know that my DTP94 started to have trouble with some of the newer LED backlit wider gamut monitors a while back and had to be replaced with an i1 Display Pro -- which is what the newer Quato pucks appear to be. Based on your description of...
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    Hi Al In doing reprints of a bunch of legacy Quark jobs a while back, we discovered the same sort of issue. We weren't going between Quark 8 and 9, just sticking with 8, but on some files the color values would shift during output, no matter what settings were used. My, admittedly WAG...
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    Acrobat CC

    Hi Leonard We use tons of preflight profiles, but we also "flip the plates" all the time. Most users find it more intuitive to "see" the issues instead of being "told" by preflight. Besides checking blacks, we also use it to look for trapping issues, where the automatic traps may not be...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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