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    New Owner, new equipment

    Hello Again Everyone, I received a lot of good feedback from the forum when I posted a couple months back. I am hoping to again solicit some opinions from the group now that I have a better understanding of some things and direction I am heading. I currently have 4 canon machines in house...
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    Need some advice, newbie owner

    Thanks TJ, that is exactly what I was looking for. i really appreciate your help. That is awesome. I am going to contact my salesman. Thank you thank you thank you. You are someone I would have that beer for.
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    Need some advice, newbie owner

    Thanks! Yes, when I started I was able to order paper, and get this...envelopes and have them within a week or so. I suppose if I survive this, someday it will be amazing when I am able to just order and receive what I want on-time and without a price increase daily.
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    Need some advice, newbie owner

    Thanks kslight! the leased equipment does sound like the right way to go. At this point the replacement I am trying to make is for only one of our back-up units. I will probably save the lease for a new one to replace our workhorse. thanks again!
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    Need some advice, newbie owner

    Hi Everyone, First, thanks to all of you for your posts and willingness to spread your knowledge to people like me. I acquired a print shop late last year and this is my first experience in the industry. I have a Canon iP C7000VP and Canon iP C7010VP both with a decent amount of clicks on...

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What about Profitability?
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