Help printing blue prints

Hello all,

Thanks in advance for any help. we are having all kinds of issues printing some 600pg drawings for our customer. The blueprints are original size 35 x 22. We are trying to print them on a Canon 9010 to 11x17 paper. When we send the job it gets stuck over and over again. Any ideas on why or how to get this to print? it looks like the program is trying to "flatten" the drawings one page at a time and gets stuck between page 58-100. I appreciate any help with this!

Is it a PDF ? I’ve had multi page PDFs with a “bad page” before and when narrowing it down the offending page was where the page changed orientation.
Thanks Ynot_UK, no, I think it may be the sheer size of the document, from what we can tell it gets choked-up at a different page number each time we try. First time page 35, second restart page 58, third was a different page. Thanks for the suggestion!
print driver. I believe we have solved it! We were trying to print at high quality resolution, when we turned it down to a lower quality resolution, the prints still look great and the machine/driver don't get bound up on trying to "flatten". Thank you!!


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