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    Gen Z CtP

    That would probably be the 3 pm dinner buffet.
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    Basic Imposition Software

    Another 👍 QuiteImosing. Lots of useful feature, easy interface and love sequences. stephen
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    VDP Charts

    Looking for input/opinions on how folks are making VDP charts. What's friendly, configurable and reliable? Thanks. stephen
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    Acrobat image compression

    Andrew: Thanks for following up on this and I of course agree, upgraded RIPs would be terrific! Sadly, even pre-covid, getting approval for investment in capital equipment was/is always a daunting task; I keep trying. One of our vendors has given notice that our main press and RIP will no...
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    Acrobat image compression

    chriscozi: Thanks for chiming in. Never having disabled Flate before I can't say that I've had any issues associated with or without it. What kind of issues did you experience?
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    Acrobat image compression

    Joe: Thanks for the ideas! Screen shot was only intended to show settings that do NOT give me ZIP compression out of InDesign. In any instance when we save PDF made with these settings, we end up with ZIP'ed images. I've tried Optimized save: Images>Compression>Retain existing Also tried...
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    Acrobat image compression

    Dov: Thanks for your reply; been awhile and hope all is well. Of course I suspected, but in truth, didn't "know" the ZIP compression was always applied. I think this does explain that my PDF made with no compression (see settings attached) does NOT have compressed images, but, as soon as the...
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    Fiery RIP processing time the log!! thnx
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    Acrobat image compression

    Can't say ZIP compression is "objectionable" and if we wanted compression, that's what we'd choose. File size is less of a consideration and we're looking to avoid any compression/decompression processing overhead. We've got plenty of space and very old slow RIPs. Perhaps its only minimally...
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    Fiery RIP processing time

    Does the Fiery Command Workstation record the RIP/processing time for submitted files? If yes, where do I find and configure? thanks Stephen
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    Acrobat image compression

    My pdf has images without compression. When I "save as" (NOT save optimized or reduced size) my images have .zip compression. Is there a setting that to configure so that I don't have compression? stephen Using Acrobat DC version 2021.005.20058
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    Back again for help...create bleed

    UPDATE We looked at the pages that did add bleed working with "Just make my Office PDF work!" and when compared to the one page that did not, found that the position of the image was different, (we're talking thousandths of inch mind you). We wrote an action to select image and adjust to the...
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    Back again for help...create bleed

    Thank you Andrew! Just make my Office PDF work! almost worked! Three of the four pages now have bleed and one does not, (see attached). Puzzling. Appreciate your assistance. stephen Unfortunately there are way too many to start rasterizing. Text would not look great also.
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    Back again for help...create bleed

    Zoran: Thank you! Unfortunately we don't have latest PitStop, (still on 13) and when we try your action we get error. (see attachments). After opening (and I guess removing the incompatible portions) we get the same result as prior. Agreed, something is wrong with the pdf!!!! Supplied by...
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    Back again for help...create bleed

    We need to add bleed to header of pages generated from MS Word. Using the add bleed action without FIRST defining all page boxes gives no bleed. With page boxes defined, action consistently gives bleed on two of the three sides of the header. Headers in Word are raster images. I've attached...


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