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  • Dear Vlad

    Thank for your last details about my DEC board.

    It was solved with the help of precious information and your kind affections.

    Now i have sold AV 25 and bought the FT-R3050 and want some details info regarding some matters and i have post these issues in screen forum.

    Please give kind attention to these issues.

    Thankz once again.

    I am the person with the post about the Presstek Vector being "OFFLINE". I now have a little more information. The board marked "L/Data Board" has four LED lights.

    12 v - constant green
    heartbeat - rapidly flashing red
    config - OFF
    fault - slowly flashing red

    Does this help getting to the problem? I would be glad to pay $$$ if you could help.

    My email address is eepplett at y a h o o dot com
    Vlad: Hello, I saw you resolve a power issue with a Rapiline last year. I've a problem like this with a Avantra 25S, but there are no key sounds, the keypad is completely dead. When turning on it shows the message, then blank screen, and then the drive motor keeps running forever. Could you explain me with a little more detail, how to simulate the on key (maybe a wiring diagram)? Thanks in advance, regards:
    Good afternoon
    I have an avantra 30 off line, and when I start the rollers is automatically, nclenchent and commance film to unfold.
    on the table appears error 173.
    and when I flashe, films are not répérés (guides do not overlap).
    What should I do, help me please
    hi Vlad i was wondering if you could hepl me. i need a copy of apogee pdf rip s2 v2 do you have a copy or do you no someone who could help me out
    May I have one too, please? Molim Vas.
    Привет, Василь!
    Конечно, можешь рассчитывать на мою помощь.
    Тел 1-905-483-7690
    Е-mail: vgorr@sympatico.ca
    :))) my e-mail is:
    GSM +38 067 4663858
    I live in Kiev/Ukraine
    Hi Vlad, next week i should go to installation of my 1-st avantra30. I have: the service manual for Av30; the UniDiag; and have nice experience only :-( with Kodak's (CreoScitex) imagesetters. Can I contact you in case of any help with this Avantra? Can you please give me your mobile? Or e-mail? I'll will be glad help your in Dolev's (4press, 800, 2xx, 4xx) cases!!! Thank, Спасибо, Vasyl
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