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    Study shows face masks don’t stop infections

    The author of the study said: “We think you should wear a face mask at least to protect yourself, but you should also use it to protect others,” lead author Henning Bundgaard told The Washington Post. “We consider that the conclusion is we should wear face masks.” Bundgaard said even the small...
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    How cheap are Riso inkjet printers to run?

    not mentioned here and fwiw, there's a huge scene/movement of artists using the cheap duplicators, usually second hand, it's become quite the trend. I think it's overrated and a bit of a fad but there are people doing really cool work with it. Taking advantage of the cheapness, uncoated stock...
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    I meant defaults as in when you install the program, not automatically turning back on. I've always had it on and have never changed it, thus my confusion over this new behavior at the proofer. However, my attributes panel does not show 100k black as overprinting unless manually selected to do so.
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    There's nobody but me messing w/ the DFE and I don't make any changes to it. We've definitely sent jobs to this DFE with type set to [Black] swatch and it's never had this behavior before so there's something I'm missing. I would also think that with the proofers ink-limiting and proper set-up...
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    In ID Preferences>Appearance of Black, there's the setting "Overprinting of [Black] Swatch at 100%" which defaults to be checked on, so anything set to black will be set to overprint. This is not reflected in the attributes panel.
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    OK, in ID prefs. it defaults to have "black" set to overprint, regardless of attributes. For this project I'll just create a 100k swatch. I'm still confused why this hasn't caused any issues in the past.
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    Like when you haven't set the ink limits correctly, you can see the ink all smudgy and drying poorly. I'm looking at the seps in printfactory and in InDesign and it seems to automatically treat "Black" as overprinting. I know that's standard but it's not selected in attributes. It just seems...
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    ok I see in the printfactory editor that it's "overprinting" the "black" type, which sort of makes sense, except it's never done that before, we've certainly proofed things with elements set to black that haven't pooled up with another color.
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    This is weird, I just ran a test print, we use printfactory driving a Canon with a GRACoL queue. I sent Pantone Black C, "Black" (as selected in InDesign, which is 100 k) and a standard Rich Black break. For some reason the "Black" actually pooled up! I've never had this happen. Everything is...
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    Great, thanks. Yeah that seems to make sense and that's what other vendors have said about leaving the colors as Pantone. We just occasionally prefer 4c GRACoL values of flat colors if it's for something that otherwise would be way out of gamut or is just doesn't have a pantone match. I'm not...
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    PMS vs Spot best practices for various presses

    Sorry if the title is wide-ranging or the subject well-tread. I'm often releasing files where I'm not sure what the final printing method will be, or I know the artwork is going to a variety of processes, usually HP Indigo and/or production inkjet/UV presses. In discussions/research it seems the...
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    Help on Linotype-Hell Topaz 2

    If you can't get linocolor to work, which I think is pretty ancient software. Check out VueScan: VueScan Scanner Software for Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android It's good scanning software that's compatible with thousands of scanners. Saved my life for...
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    Seeking Vandercook proof press

    Wondering if anybody in these parts has a Vandercook they don't need any more. Especially interested in the larger models but curious about anything else available.
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    Letterpress plates

    I do printing at home on my little C+P tabletop and work part-time at a small shop that prints on C+P platens and Vandercooks. From my own experience and from reading the Letpress mailing list and the discussions at Briar Press, conventional wisdom has it that metal-backed plates may print a bit...
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    Crop Mark Offset

    I've dealt with enough printers of enough skill levels that I would be worried that somebody would come back and say "your image is too big...and there's no bleed!" As mentioned above, it's all in the communication, but often there is none. I'm preparing files that are being sent to someone...

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