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    Off brand inks for Epson 9900?

    No, I am still on the original inks and have about 5 colours still new in the box. At the moment I need to get Orange and then I am good for a while I think. Are you talking about flashing the ships and refilling the Epson cartridges themselves? Having never used anything but Epson inks, how...
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    Off brand inks for Epson 9900?

    I have an Epson 9900 I took home with me when our family business merged with a larger print shop. I don't do a whole lot with it other then print some posters for nieces and nephews birthdays. Looking to save some money on inks as the Epson branded stuff is a pretty penny especially when there...
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    Small Offset Surviving?

    I think we are transitioning away from offset, only a matter of time. With some recent press issues I have outsourced a few jobs to a trade printer and their cost was cheaper than my production cost. I make more money sending it out then doing it in-house. Of course I lose the control, but I am...
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    Affinity Publisher is released!

    I have been active in the Affinity forums and that is definitely the case. If the fonts are loaded on your computer there is no issue, at least with the fonts. No option at the moment for placing a file and not having it editable at the moment and does not seem to be something they are working...
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    Merge PDF Online Free No Limit

    True, guess I just assumed most people in print would have a CC subscription.
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    Merge PDF Online Free No Limit

    Why can't you do that directly in Acrobat Pro? There is an option to combine multiple Pdf's and make it into one. Or am I missing something here?
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    Problems Printing from Photoshop 2020

    I always dreaded Mac OS updates as in many cases it would lead to print driver issues. Over the years moved away from directly printing from apps and use PDF's to drop in a RIP. Have to say it has made my life much simpler.
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    Irish Government Purchase Komori Press that didn't fit

    We bought a new Komori Spica 29P when it was first released. I remember them checking and inspecting everything before the press even arrived. We had to do some work to the concrete floor because of their inspection. They did not just show up and drop it off. Really surprised at this though I am...
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    Looking for a Imposition solution

    Have you looked at imposition studio? It is pretty versatile, you can save hot folders to just drop in PDF's (in the right template) and have it imposed. Not sure what nested templates are, but might be worth looking at and not all that expensive.
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    Using Slip Sheets in Properties

    Are you using Command Workstation? If so under media there is a slip sheet option. You select it, select the tray your slip sheets are coming from as well as the size.
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    Legality of Logo...

    Pretty sure you are safe if you are just printing a photo/poster for someone who took the picture. If this was an issue no one would have been developing photos they took at places like Disney over the years. I think the issue is when you use it to make money or advertising your own business.
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    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    I do think you will be happy with the Versant, it is a solid machine. I print #10 envelopes on our 2100 and it handles them perfectly, rarely jams and I mean RARELY. I run 5000 + and never have a stop.
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    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    Few shops want used digital presses partly because the big guys do not want to offer service plans for them or if they do the click charge is very high.
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    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    All digital presses will have issues that need support so you an expect needing to call them in or have skilled people who work for you who know the ins and outs of the machine to fix them... would not count on the latter. Content can be proofer through email, we always send PDF proofs before...
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    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    Seems you will need to invest in more then just a printer if you are going this route. When printing business cards how are you going to cut them? Are you going to be printing 8.5 x 11 flyers 1 up? That is expensive especially when you can print 2 up, but then again you need to finish and cut...

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What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
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