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    M1 Mac with Monterey

    If you're using AppleScript in any form (scripts or AppleScript-based apps): To Apple's credit, they made AppleScript much faster on Monterey. It can be blazingly fast: 5-6+ times faster than on earlier systems. On both Intel and M1 Macs.
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    Environmentally Conscious

    To rephrase my reply more accurately: History has demonstrated that, when it comes to protecting the environment, capitalism is the best economic and social system compared to other known systems. It's not perfect but other systems are much worse.
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    Environmentally Conscious

    That actually describes socialism perfectly, not capitalism. I'm saying it as someone who grew up in the Soviet Russia. Except that socialism destroys both the planet and the people without even making any profits. Capitalism is the only system that actually genuinely cares about the...
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    Pdf saved with/without Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities

    I can guarantee you that when Illustrator file formats start affecting our plumbing, the proper standards will be quickly established.
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    Adobe Photoshop - Workflow Change in Vs. 22.4

    In this case, it looks like Adobe blames Apple legitimately. They refer to a change in the Save dialog that was only introduced by Apple in macOS 10.15, as pointed in the PetaPixel's article you mentioned: In macOS...
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    Adobe Photoshop - Workflow Change in Vs. 22.4

    Interesting... On a slightly unrelated note, I see that lucky Windows users have all the space they want to name their files: Compare this to the tiny field we have to deal on Mac with - and which became even SMALLER on Big Sur: (That's in addition to a few other atrocious UI changes on...
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    The Celebration

    Look I don't know maybe supermarkets work differently where you live, but here you just need to pass the product over the scanner. That's it.
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    The Celebration

    exactly. you yourself just described how complex it is. you need to: -unlock the phone -locate the app (camera or specialized app) -open the app -if it's camera, make sure it's in the right mode (not video/selfie etc.) -carefully aim at QR code -tap to scan it's a labor-intensive cumbersome...
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    The Celebration

    no it's not
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    The Celebration

    i believe that QR codes will never catch up until it's at least as easy as scanning a code in the supermarket
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    The Great Apple Transition

    Hopefully, it will be more like creating Universal binaries during the transition from PowerPC to Intel. Apple uses the same "Universal" term this time too. For most apps, creating a Universal binary back then was pretty much an automatic process that didn't require any special efforts from...
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    Esko Products and Apple Catalina Support

    Frankly, I don't think that prepress employees should perform any kind of major upgrades just because they saw a notification. It should be either done by IT - or by approval of IT people. As to vital 3rd-party software, I believe that its compatibility with major system (or Adobe) upgrades must...
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    Esko Products and Apple Catalina Support

    This sure is a sound policy for minor "dot" updates within the same macOS version (10.14.2, 10.14.3 etc.) When it comes to major upgrades such as Mojave > Catalina, you only risk to run into various problems if you're in hurry to upgrade.
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    CS6 and Apple OS

    One note: Affinity software is not scriptable - therefore you can't automate it. While some users don't care, in some cases it can be a deal breaker.
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    Dealer Pricing

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