2-Side Rev Collated 3-Prt Carbonless Numbered in FusionPro VPS on 7100 Ricoh w Fiery


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We cant figure this out to save our lives.
On 2-part we run face up and just take off the top sheet and put it on bottom.

We cannot get these to some out in the stacker in the right order.
They come out on the right sides of the sheets, but they come out p/c/w instead of w/c/p

I cant find a place to tell the paper system on the 7100 that the paper is in a specific order. A guy told me to used mixed media, but he was vague in instructions and I cant get ahold of him now.

Does anybody know how to make this work, it would be incredibly appreciated!


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Sound like you have the wrong stock (rev-collated) vs straight sequence?
All the same stuff, just have to resequence and/or flip it...


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Tried flipping it, and its so strange.... i have never encountered a digital machine that took straight collation carbonless.

I was hoping to hear from soemone with a Ricoh who runs 3 part 2-sided just to confirm. I dont want to get more paper in only for it not to work.


Try running 1-side at a time, non-numbered side first. When doing side 2 tell it to deliver face down. (at least on my konica's) You need to think about it running like an offset press now or non-duplexed to make reverse sequence go right when 2 sided.


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Our Oce Varioprint 6320 requires straight sequence NCR even for simplex.
Our old Digimaster would print reverse sequence NCR simplex, but needed straight sequence for duplexing.
Maybe call your salesperson, they tend to know or have someone they can contact.


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Just alternate face up or face down flipping, thus changing which side prints first. Trays underneath the fuser flip once before entering the paperpath, and trays to the side of the fuser do not flip. I run 3 part reverse on my j75 from tray 3 (below fuser), with face up selected when printing 2-sided.


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It looks like for 3-part two sided we'll have to keep some straight sequence paper on hand. I would try the lower trays but this is perfed. I forgot to mention the perf!


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you can specifie a paper order in impose compose for exemple cover 350gsm try 3 and interior in 250 gsm try 4 and in fiery finission you can select reception tray


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