2021-Shima Award Winners Announced


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Duplo USA has announced the recipients of the 2021 Shima Awards—Duplo’s 3rd annual print embellishment competition. The award recognizes innovative companies that leverage the power of spot coating, texture & tactile effects, to produce high impact applications using their DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater.

Si Nguyen, Duplo’s VP Sales visited with the recipients to learn more about their story and presented the award in person. “It’s humbling to see our customers creatively use our technology to expand their services to another level and help them succeed through the pandemic.” All 3-videos can be viewed on www.youtube.com/duplousa.

Gold Award – Tazpack
—San Fernando, California—provides creative embellishments on their packaging, applying raised spot-UV to every piece of packaging & commercial job that comes through.

Silver Award – Minuteman Press—Carmel Mountain, California—the first franchise to make the investment in Duplo’s solution. Kumar Agrawal, Owner & the team work hard at turning their customer’s marketing pieces into profitable experiences that have proven to increase engagement & response rates from their target audience.

Bronze Award – Rengel Printing—St. Cloud, Minnesota—celebrating their 100th year in the print business—they offer everything from offset & digital to wide format printing. Since bringing embellishment services in-house, this family-owned company has had incredible success increasing their revenue.



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