20pt Clear Plastic


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I see a lot of online vendors offering 20pt clear plastic business cards but I'm at a loss as to where they're sourcing the material. I have some MGX and Mohawk samples but the ones I've seen all max out at 10pt. Does anyone happen to know where this stuff is hiding?



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In the past I have seen these printed on Lexan 8A35 and 8B35 which is a little frosted but Lexan also does come in gloss/gloss clear as well.



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We print tool cards on 15pt and 20pt on our Versant 2100. We get it from a place called Press Sense.

Update: I missed the part where you said "clear". They might have clear, but we haven't ever bought it.


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It has been my experience that many printers are outsourcing the 20PT plastic to 4over.com . They offer it in solid and clear. We dont sell the 20PT. We offer the 48PT plastics and cards. But we have had to go to Korea to get a provider of plastic cards thick as 30PT to 48PT.

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