32pp signature proper spine perforation

Mariana Dobreva

New member

we have perfect binder Kolbus KM. When gathering the sections sometimes first signature's sheet break off. We know that the problem is in the properly choose perforation on the folding machine. After research we found out that for heavy paper 32pp signatures we need to use punch perforations like this one:
Screenshot 2023-03-05 111211.png

After installing it the sections are perfect with one exception. From each punched hole a small peace of paper stands still. That is how the section's spine looks scraggly. Gathering sections on the bindery line cannot take the signatures. Do you have any recommendations regarding usage of these specific perforations. We have two MBO K800 folders.
Thank you in advance and good luck to everyone!


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Ideally, you should be using a notching perforation wheel which is designed to remove more paper when perforating, leaving a larger, cleaner channel for adhesive to flow into when the book is being bound. Trying to use a perforation wheel other than one designed specifically for a notch bind, will result in weak or non-existent adhesion strength in the final book.


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