3D-printing raises blood cancer awareness


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UK-based, Fluxaxis has 3D-printed life-sized figures for a Make Blood Cancer Visible campaign for pharmaceutical company, Janssen. Designed to give blood cancer visibility & recognition within the UK. Recordings of people with the disease, emitted from the life-sized figures, enhance the sensory impact.

Fluxaxis produced each figure on a Massivit 1800 3D-printer in less than 8-hours. This drastically reduced both the time & costs involved in creating the display compared to traditional production methods. The campaign travelled to key locations across the UK, receiving widespread feedback across social media.

Watch the making of the video


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Amazing project and huge prints.

Thanks for sharing. I'm becoming obsessed with massive 3D printers after having seen the stuff you can realize with them. For example, do you know that the BigRep realized a fully functional 3D printed motorcycle called Nero? While a Chinese company built a luxury cement villa in just 45 days. Source.

I find it incredible!

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