A.B Dick 9995 / Ryobi 3302h with chiller plus inks and chemicals, plate printer, punch and more.


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2 coolor press for sale ABDick 9995 / Ryobi 3302h Located in Oakland md.

Condition. Used, was running till envelope shortage and some stock shortages caused us to go all digital to reduce waste. Cheap to run, will include all pur pressmans info on machine. Is 208. But includes buck converter so 20amp 240 will run it. 3.5 mil total impressions. Will need a set of rollers about 750 bucks for the kit for first head. Second head rollers were still good when parked off pressure. first head were about to need replaced. Runs poly plates well. Was adjusted about 1 million ago by a former tech, and comes with service books. Was maintained by pressman here. You must load yourself minimal help available no loading dock but can pull up to front steps and fork lift rentals in immediate area available. Extra rollers, consumables, inks, any plates, punch and even a plate printer all come with deal. Basically ready to setup at your locstion make plates and start working. Pump based with chiller in water system. ( runs on seperste 110v) Extra tank (non chiller) also included. All motors and pumps work. Full suite of parts.

We last used this machine for envelops and large single color jobs. 10k plus runs of envelopes. The poly plates did last for long runs on this machine.

Make an offer.

Machine A.B.Dick 9995 / ryobi 3302h
Extras includ hp based printer for poly plates, inks (if desired), chemicals (if desired), any parts and accessories we have including spares and more. All rollers, clean up blades, plate punch, manuals and service manuals, used blankets some almost new, buck converter (208 from 240).

Make a reasonable offer.


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are you willing to sell parts of the package or do you have to sell it all at one time?
I was selling it whole, but I may have some spairs. What do you need? Also unless I find another buyer it's going to an equipment sales and auction company.


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We had a low offer from a reseller if anyone wants it that can put to use message me asap beet their offer and it's yours.
I'm interested to learn more, but would like to share this with my teammate. Do you happen to have these pictures saved to forward to my email? Also, can you include the details and confirm if in working condition?

Kind Regards


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