Acrobat DC : annoying delay when clicking between Tabs

Glenn McDowall

Well-known member
I'm on Mojave and the latest Acrobat DC. I've got Pitstop and Prinergy Plugins.
My set up is to alt click on the green traffic light to maximise the Window to fill the screen but leave the Contextual Menu across the top, I then have documents open full screen in Tabs at the top.

Its useful for me to compare two or more pdfs page by page by getting them same zoom and clicking on the Tabs thus comparing for any obvious differences.

My problem is that since the last DC upgrade it seems there is often quite a delay between clicking on a Tab and the document page being displayed, in fact it only seems to display the requested document after moving the cursor sideways over another other document Tab.

Its getting to be more than annoying, was wondering if I'm alone with this and its something maybe dodgy with the Graphics card.


Well-known member
I see a bit of of a delay too the first time I toggle between them but the second or more times I do seems to be faster. Also seems a bit faster if output preview is not open. I don't use the full screen option though.


Are you experiencing this issue across different PDF files? what display resolution do have set?


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