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Acrobat X transfer preferences


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Hello folks:

We've rebuilt a Mac and reinstalled software. Only issue is restoring tool bars and preferences for Acrobat X. I know it's old but we've got some customization that works best there.

Already tried moving over the usual preference and application support files. Nope.

Any ideas?

Adobe has no help for us with Acrobat X; end of support.




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I may be misunderstanding your question, but I lost the menu bar for "FILE, EDIT, VIEW, WINDOW, HELP" for a while and it took a LOT of digging to find the keyboard shortcut to restore that menu bar. If that is your symptom, try:

Please let me know (message me too please) if that works for you: if not, I will keep digging.


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Duane, thanks for your reply, but sadly no, that is not the issue. The application menu bar at the top is fine. I was hoping to transfer my settings for toolbars and other settings.

Meanwhile, I bit the bullet and just set everything back up again. A pain, but, worth it.

Thanks again.


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