Adast Maxima MH 80 manual and oil?



I recently got an adast maxima MH 80 paper cutter (just MH 80, must be the first model of this line, with the rounded corners) but as you can imagine for a machine that old with that many past owners, there is no manual with it.

Does anyone have one in pdf or something? I could love the service one, but in this state even the user manual could be great.

Also does anyone know what type of machine oil I can use with this machine? I was thinking that technically any good machine oil could do the job but if there is a specific one I could love to know.
(it lost a good amount of oil during the transport, so I have to replenish some).
Do you suggest to replace the oil from the tank completely or just add to it?

Is there a possibility to find some short of "incompatibility" between the new and the old oil?
Sorry if this sound dumb, but I'm not good when it comes to that old oily type of machinery :p

Thanks in advance :) and happy new year :)
if you are selling it like the last guy who contacted me, don't bother, I'm not interested.
if you just give it away can you please provide a download link from dropbox or some other share service?


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