ThermoFlex TIFF FE job progress starts at 80%+


New member
Hi everyone, I'm new here in the group, I'm trying to solve a problem for a friend who has a pre-printing company, I'll tell you that I don't know the technical terms, I'll try to illustrate the problem with images.

My problem is the following: when I try to send TIFF files with a width above 950~1000mm, the Kodak ThermoFlex TIFF FE software starts progressing at 80% or more and does not synchronize with the ThermoFlexMid2, resulting in the plate not recording. However, when I use widths below 950~1000mm it works perfectly. I can't identify the problem at all. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?

I'm not sure exactly what size starts to cause the problem, but it's between 950 and 1000mm. We are using 3556dpi resolution.

As you can see in the image below, the progress is not synchronized between the 2 softwares, the front end and the thermoflexmid2's internal software, and this is where the problem happens, only with tiff files with resolutions above 950~1000mm




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