additional Pantone + colours not in Adobe apps


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Hello Folks,

We were supplied art with a new Pantone+ colour ... Pantone 2292 C. This colour cannot be found in our original Adobe Pantone+ Colour Libraries or in our Reference Guides. We have ordered new books because apparently there have been some additional colours added since Pantone+ inception, so...
1. Does anyone know how to find the Process builds for these?
2. How do I get the addition colours in the Adobe CC apps?

Has anyone struggled with this? New one for me. thx as always


Had similar issue recently, found that on Pantone site if I registered a Pantone product i.e. Swatch book then I was able to download Pantone Colour Manager for free. This is then used to build a new Swatch Library for the selected app which includes all the 2xxxx swatches. One issue it does not include many 'old' colours such as Bright Red.

Stephen Marsh

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When we last purchased our Colour Bridge guides, they came with 4 books. The standard Coated and Uncoated PLUS+ books as expected, however there were also the (new at the time) PLUS +336 extra colours that were not in the originally published books.

PANTONE 2292 C is visually “close” to 376 C (not the same though).

Nominal published Lab values of 2292C = L*74.8 a*-35 b*70.7

This colour is out of gamut for common press CMYK, however it is not wildly out of gamut (not like a bright orange 021). You can use the Lab values above to work out the “closest CMYK value” using your target proofing or press ICC profile.

I can’t verify that value from Pantone Colour Manager as later versions refuse to work on my Mac 10.9.5, I can only run v1.0.4, v2.1.0 and 2.2.0 run but display no fan books and are useless. I have to admit that I am less than impressed with recent X-Rite or Pantone software.

Stephen Marsh
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Dear Stephen:

There is an issue with PANTONE Color Manager 2.2 which has just been released for the Mac. We are currently working closely with the engineers at X-Rite to identify and correct the issue.

To engage directly with Pantone on this issue, please send e-mail to We are requesting certain files from users to help in identifying and correcting the issue.

Best regards,

John Stanzione
Pantone, LLC

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