Adobe Certified?


Today I was looking at the "Adobe Certified" options at Does anyone have any experience with being an Adobe Certified Expert or Professional?

+If you are one+, has it proved to be a plus for you professionally? Was the testing tough enough to make the certification worth something?

+If you hire professionals+, does the certification mean anything to you? Do you look for it on resumes?

I look forward to your input.
Re: Adobe Certified?


I got myself certified on Photoshop earlier this year. Is it worth it? Sure. Doesn't cost much, for the study program I found nor for the exam.

Does passing the ACE exam mean you're good operator? No. It shows that you're willing to put forth the time and effort to learn, and that sets you apart.

Was the exam tough? Well, yes and no. I learned *a lot* in preparing. It forced me to look into processes and capabilities I never would have known about. There are so many strange little things hidden in Photoshop that I was totally unaware of. I think the toughest part for me was the section on web preparation and ImageReady. Yep, ImageReady is included on the Photoshop certification.

I say go to it. Really, there's no way you can lose on the deal. It certainly can't do you any harm.

By the way, the preparatory exams on are *not* adequate preparation for the exam. They can serve as a nice way to figure out which exam to work toward first, though.

Re: Adobe Certified?

Could you tell us what study program you used as I am going to try and get my certification later this year.



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