Agfa’s Robot Automates Plate Loading


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Agfa has introduced a Plate Loading Robot that streamlines & speeds-up prepress operations. Scandinavian printed marketing solutions provider Stibo Complete is an early adopter.

Agfa’s Robot frees prepress staff from repetitive, heavy manual tasks of plate loading autoloader cassettes, or fixing pallets on the base frame of skid loaders. The Robot replaces duplicate configurations for multiple size presses, reducing footprint up to 30%, and making prepress operations more efficient & productive, according to Agfa.

Robot is fully integrated with Agfa’s Apogee workflow software, and is especially convenient for printers that handle multiple—up to 5—plate sizes. In phase-one, Robot is being offered to users of Avalon VLF platesetters, and are custom-built according to a printer’s exact needs.


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