Agfa & EFI Forge Strategic Partnership


Staff member
Agfa & EFI have entered into a global, strategic partnership aimed at leveraging each other’s cutting-edge technologies, marking a significant milestone in the wide-format inkjet printing arena. Within the partnership framework, Agfa will integrate EFI’s roll-to-roll system into its offerings, while EFI will incorporate Agfa’s high-end hybrid inkjet printers into its suite of solutions.

According to the press release, customers & prospects stand to gain unparalleled advantages from this collaboration. Through the mutual strengthening of the Agfa and EFI portfolios, both companies can present a broad & innovative product offering, as well as a reliable service infrastructure.

The collaboration will debut at the FESPA trade fair in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (19-22 March 2024), where Agfa & EFI will be showcasing the potential of this collaboration, at their respective booths.


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