AI-Driven “Order Pilot” Quickly Onboards Print Job Orders


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Good2Go Software has announced the release of Good2Go Order Pilot for intelligent print job ordering. With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Order Pilot provides an intelligent way for printers to onboard email job orders and convert the natural language order details from an email into a structured job order.

Here’s how—
An incoming, emailed job order is sent to the artificial intelligence—OpenAI—engine within Order Pilot. The text, using AI, is analyzed, and an order is created in the Good2Go application. According to Michael Reiher, President and co-founder: “This is a game changer for the commercial printing industry”.

Once in Good2Go, the job becomes available to all team members. An operator can review the job, assign the imported files and adjust the order as necessary. Once the files are assigned the correct specifications, created by the AI analysis, Order Pilot automatically compares the product specs to the job spec and points out any discrepancies. Order information captured by Order Pilot automatically creates an order within the Good2Go system.

Good2Go Order Pilot is available in beta to all Good2Go subscribers. Look here to learn more about Good2Go and other services available.


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