Aleyant Pressero & Tharstern MIS Add Bi-Directional Integration


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Tharstern—an MIS provider for the printing, packaging and label industries—and Aleyant Pressero—web-to-print software for graphic communications—have announced a new bi-directional integration between their two products. Both companies pursued this integration at the request of mutual customers looking to provide bi-directional integration to utilize a single pricing system across the workflow & take advantage of Tharstern’s inventory management module.

This integration facilitates the following—
  • Creating or editing pricing tables only needs to be done once. Changes or additions automatically flow through the system, regardless of whether the change is made in Pressero or Tharstern.
  • Pressero can see into & communicate with Tharstern’s inventory management system:
    • Decrementing the inventory when an order is placed, and
    • Alerting customers if an item is out of stock, or
    • Preventing them from ordering an out-of-stock item—depending on how the customer wants to handle this.
  • Saves time & helps prevent costly errors.
  • Provides a more seamless customer experience.
This integration is available immediately, worldwide. A jointly hosted, no-cost webinar—discussing this integration—is scheduled for April 28, 2022. Register at Register for Aleyant Pressero webinar.


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