Aleyant to demonstrate Cloud-based workflow


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At PRINT-18, Aleyant (Booth #243) will be demonstrating their suite of cloud-based, integrated design / job submission through-to-output, solutions designed for print shop productivity & profitability. Visitors will see a completely automated workflow that reduces manual touches, errors & production time for shops of any size.

The Details:
Pressero—web-to-print software—now allows users to define custom profile fields. These custom fields can then be used to collect specific customer information that can then be passed to eDocBuilder for use on custom templates linked to Pressero.

eDocBuilder—new Field Designer enables cloud-based template design with no licenses needed.

tFLOW—now with enhanced email & messaging built in, enabling more efficient customer service and improved internal & external communications for:
  • Preflighting,
  • Customer proof approvals,
  • Automated file processing,
  • Customer service & project management.
PrintJobManager—now allows viewing job information at the department or resource level for more intelligent production planning. Jobs can be sorted based on priority and other criteria.

Pressero and PrintJobManager are Zapier compliant and connect with more than 1,000 third-party applications via direct API.

For additional information about Aleyant offerings, visit


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