Anajet—Now Ricoh Direct-to-Garment Printing Division


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Ricoh’s Board of Directors has resolved to merge its wholly-owned subsidiary Anajet, Inc. in an absorption-type of merger, effective: June 1, 2020.

All products, services, warranties, company contact information, and business hours remain the same, with Anajet’s full Technical Support & Customer Care teams available to provide regular services. As this involves a merger of Ricoh’s wholly-owned subsidiary, the impact on their consolidated financial results will be minor.

The merger allows for more efficient synergies among Ricoh divisions, reduced overhead, and more streamlined work processes. A list of Frequently Asked Questions designed to address customer concerns is available: FAQ'S on Anajet's Official Merger with Ricoh Printing Systems America, Inc. - AnaJet, a Ricoh® Company.


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