Anybody using tFLOW or Callas PDF Toolbox


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Anyone using or have experience with tFLOW? We recently purchased the software and will be setting up for our gang run offset + wide format shop. Would love some advice from any experienced users. Pros? Cons? Anything in particular to consider or watch out for?

Behind the tFLOW front end is Callas PDF Toolbox, which we have no experience with. Would love any resources on scripts/scripting.

Thanks in advance.
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You bought the software without knowing pros/cons? Interesting strategy.

Anyway, Callas pdfToolbox is a solid product, I've been using it for 10 years now. With each version it gets more and more intelligent, capable. It can solve most of your problems regarding anything PDF. On the other hand, in the desktop app there is a lot to wish for, after 20+ years it still lacks many basic functions. I consider it as a 'programming/testing interface' for the server, instead of being a standalone product.

There is a lot of info about the scripting concepts and specialities of the software on YouTube and on Callas' website. If you need more, you can always ask FourPees (the distributor) or Callas directly, and they will do their best to answer.


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Thanks for the reply and the YouTube suggestion. I found some videos from FourPees' YouTube channel that seem helpful.

We obviously took as close a look as we possibly could before purchasing, but I'm sure you can appreciate expectation vs reality can be two very different things. Just looking for insight from others who have actually used the product, such as yourself.

I downloaded the desktop app and, as you mentioned, I found it to be pretty weak. Do you know of anyone who provides custom scripting services?
ikim86, We can provide training and a deeper insight into Callas pdfToolbox, if you interested please just drop me a message, training can be 3 hours to 3 days depending on the kind of depth you want to go into, feedback after training we do for uses is generally "wish I had done this sooner"!

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