Apogee not taking distilled pdfs...


So here is my problem.. Apogee won't take clients pdfs that are made from:
Acrobat 4 = 1.3
Acrobat 5 = 1.4
I drop them in Hotdrop and they never show up.

But it will take them from
Acrobat 6 = 1.5
Acrobat 7 = 1.6
Acrobat 8 = 1.7 (Pure PS level 3)

and the only way I can get around that is to open these pdfs in acro 8 and save them. Now since I get over 60 pdfs at one time for a job it is a pain to open each of them in Acro 8 and save them. So, I created a batch processing sequence but its not really automated to where I can click run and walk away from it. I need a blasted script that does this!!!!!!!! An actionlist won't help either. I know a newer apogee will cut down on that problem but who knows when we will get that.

Anybody else with problems like this? Its not necessarily a problem just an annoyance.
Re: Apogee not taking distilled pdfs...

Don't have this problem here. Attached are snapshots of my hotfolder and normalize parameter sets if it can help.
Re: Apogee not taking distilled pdfs...

Hi mizark,

I take it you are not using ApogeeX yet?

Although not automated, there is a command within the Enfocus Action List library that will allow you to change the version of a PDF (PDF 1.3 to 1.5 for example).

Perhaps that might save you a few mouse clicks? Do you have Pitstop Server?

I doubt this is helpful but thought I would mention it.
Jon :)
Re: Apogee not taking distilled pdfs...

the parameter set in my normalizer under the compatabilty is set for Acro 5 (pdf 1.4) and under the hotfolder mine is just like yours..
Re: Apogee not taking distilled pdfs...

hey there.. yeah i am using apogeeX and do have the pistop server. So I will have to look around in the action list database to find that one.. I normally just make my own so I will have to dig around. Gracias.
Re: Apogee not taking distilled pdfs...

Hi mizark,

You will find the command "Change PDF Version" under the 'Changes' tab in the Action List editor palette. From there you can use ApogeeX or Pitstop Server to automate the use of the action list.

Jon :)
Re: Apogee not taking distilled pdfs...

That doesn't really do anything but change one particular area of the PDF code. It doesn't change the content of the PDF into PDF v 1.6. What happens with the change is it goes from %PDF-1.4 to %PDF-1.6.

You need PDF Optimizer to change the contents of the PDF.

Don't forget, Acrobat isn't PostScript (Pure PS 3), it's PDF. Entirely different.
Re: Apogee not taking distilled pdfs...


Since his system wasn't taking lower version PDF files, it is possible that simply changing the specific area of code to a higher version may allow his system to accept the PDF (unless he can figure out what is going on with his system).

As you know, there really isn't anything of major consequence after PDF 1.4 that is of much use to the printing world and therefore upping the PDF version would not likely have much impact on the content of his PDF files. I only say this because I've had similar experience where the situation was reversed. PDF was 1.4 although it had no transparency (and we had an Apogee Series 3 system). After changing just the PDF version, our PDF rip was able to process the file.

I just figured it would be worth a shot.

Jon :)


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