Aqueous Banner Materials


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Greetings all,

Getting our shop a little more equipped in the large format arena, and have been starting to run a lot of scrim vinyl banners. We currently use this Sihl 3604 stock but it's a little expensive for my tastes (~$1.50 sq/ft from WCP). I'm looking to find another canvas/vinyl style substrate that would hold up decently well to grommeting or trade-show signage applications. It doesn't have to be as substantial as the Sihl 3604, price is more important for many of our applications. Any reccomendations on what substrates/suppliers to look at? Most of the good deals I find on this kind of substrate end up being incompatible with aqueous ink applications, and it'll be a while before I can upgrade from our Canon TX-4000 to something better.


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We print our banners with Canon Pro 4100. Been pretty happy with LexJet Tough Coat Thrifty Banner scrim. Holds the ink really well. We only coat if a lot of black is used. Cost depending on width and length, but averages 1$ or less per square foot. pricing has started creeping up but not as bad as other materials.

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What about Profitability?
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