Automated Imposition with Nexus?

Justin M

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Hello, I'm currently working for a commercial print shop that utilizes offset and digital. We are currently using EPMS as our MIS and Nexus 10.1 as our preflight workflow software. I'm looking to set up the workflow so that it's completely automated (minus having to make manual corrections to files)

Currently, we can use Nexus to preflight/trap files but the imposition is done manually through preps. Using Nexus and Preps 5.3 is there a way to automate imposition as well and just have the imposed file sent to the RIP?

If you're currently using Nexus, are you automating your imposition with another software?




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Hi Justin, We can propose Impostrip to automate the imposition process to generate a ready to print PDF and also connect with EPMS. We can discuss needs for gang runs and also nested impositions if required. Contact me directly at raymond @ imposition . com

Ray Duval
Ultimate TechnoGraphics

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What about Profitability?
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