Best way to align and Glue Duplex Sheets


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I'm using a Daige Maxit to glue digitally printed sheets together. I've centered my image on both sheets which isn't a problem but does anyone have a and quick way of actually sticking the sheets together. I'm currently using a 90 degree corner which has been made out of 2 pieces of wood, I place 1 sheet tightly in the corner and manually place the glued sheet on top, this works fine with sturdy thicker card but when using paper (100gsm - 200gsm) it's floppy and fall all over the place. Once the 2 sheets contact each other, it's not easy to remove and realign.


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place some silicone paper(the paper used for sticker backs) between the sheets and pull it out as you are attaching the sheets together. do this flat and use a roller.


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We recently had a job that required "Mounting" which is basically the same end result, there was a trade company that does it regularly and what they had us do is print the front and back on the same sheet, one on the left side of the sheet and the other side on the right side of the sheet. They then scored it down the middle and used the score to fold the sheet in half so they lined up . . don't know if you equipment will let you print that large a sheet but its an idea worth chasing imho . . . .:)

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What about Profitability?
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