Burn Out


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Tell me about it: since I left an 18-year career in prepress almost 8 years ago, I still have recurring nightmares of getting back to prepress, right back in this same company I left... :(:(:(


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to all the brave colleagues still in healthy mental condition:

You are the center of your Company!

Whithout your bravery no printing man or woman has a reoson to go come to work, he is nothing whithout yours!

No seller in the the office will reach the boss-given margin, no customer will be satisfied by a promised timetable!

So keep on fighting boys and girls and first of all: Be aware to keep working in a community in your departement, if your departement will be slashed to a single, no other will understand your specific daily changing problems and a real burnout seems to be a relaxing holiday trip against that hamster wheel prison!


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