Buy it or Build It? - That is the Question


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Re: Buy it or Build It? - That is the Question

This is where Gradual FullSWITCH and PowerSWITCH really shine. They let you build a workflow using the different pieces of software/hardware that you've already invested in and tie them together. I have a lot of customers who already have "integrated workflows" that are "integrated" in that it's Xitron, Prinergy, Screen, etc. But they aren't necessarily "integrated" with the rest of prepress or other operations. SWITCH allows us to do that and extend automation in a meaningful way further upstream and downstream.

If anyone is interested in more information let me know.


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Re: Buy it or Build It? - That is the Question

There are some amazing systems out there that are very elaborate with hot folders here, Applescripts there, perl scripts here, VB thing here, with a nice picture to the iPhone.

Who do you call when something busts? What happens when the new CS4 with Sparkles and scratch and sniff comes out? Who tests all this when you put in that new Polar cutter? What will it cost you to recode your webpage in Spanish?

What happens when the one nerd that put this all together bails and decides that the Canadian dollar looks pretty rosy and we have better beer in Canada? :)

Look at the vendors from a worst case scenario mode. Hard down service issues. Major upgrades to standard software. Look at the R&D budgets and numbers of bodies that test everything not just RIP, Trap, Plate timings.

It's like building a sweet car in your garage. You could buy the engine from this catalog, the wheels from eBay, the paint from your brother in law, the stereo from Craiglist, the drivetrain made on your lathe. But when you are flying down the highway and a piston comes through your hood, who ya gonna call?


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Re: Buy it or Build It? - That is the Question

I'd build it / fix it myself rather that to get Ghostbusters in here...

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