C75 prints on heavy stock paper comes out messy


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Good day we have been having this problem a while now where our C75 when running like black on stocks over 100LB with heavy concentration of black the print comes out like it's not been fused well to the paper
liek the registration is off the print look like smeared paint and the machine is dirty
I checked the fuser it's up to all (0)
Not sure what to try next


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Thanks. Seeing I'm new to this can you point out where this is. For sure I have a tech but he's not trained in this machine but over the past year has done really well in resolving issues Thanks


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In your custom paper setup.

If it is not fusing correctly if will flake or scratch off. If it is not transfer to the paper correctly it will look motley or like pin pricks depending if the voltage is too low or too high.
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Oh ok awesome
will try get down to the shop and go in there
So I'm guessing you log in via the admin mode and go to common settings then maintenance etc?

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