Can you help me through a Focus Search on a Esko CDI 4835 Spark?


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Can you help me with a Focus Search, where it ablates about 20 stripes and you choose the thinnest/sharpest one that indicates best focus? Need your advice/judgement if you have...

We are making pretty good film images (yes, we output film, not plates), but still a bit of room for improvement, so I have tried running the Focus Search. This first result was at the default Drum Speed and Laser Wattage that populates when opening Focus Search: The band/area near the center that looks the best is where the films crosses a vacuum channel.

On the second test, run at the drum speed and laser power that produce our good-looking production test-films: The test films look good, but not the focus test…except for the area in a vacuum channel...a head-scratcher…ideas?



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