Canon USA Charging Shipping on Contract Supplies?


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We have contracts with both Canon and Ricoh for Digital Presses. Canon recently declared that they are now charging shipping for toner orders (not rush) ordered under contract. This is in addition to the "Fuel Surcharge" that they are charging. I don't see how you can charge a surcharge on something you want me to pay 100% for. Regardless, it was not agreed to at the time of contract signing and now they are refusing to ship more toner moving forward. Anyone else getting billed for toner shipping by Canon USA?


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Are they over-charging in your bosses opinion? (Overlooking the fact that any charge is an over charge, in my opinion.) I got over $500 in freight for one shipment.


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I just ordered 12 boxes of toner last week for our ImagePress 10000 and it came to $197 which seems about right for freight. $500 seems high, but maybe you order a lot more than we do at a time.


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If they can charge you for shipping on toner then don’t be surprised if they start charging you for the tech to make the trip for a service call and any other parts that may need to be replaced. So much for an all inclusive click/service charge.

I was trying to put $500 worth of shipping into perspective and I received 20,000 2 part ncr forms last week that traveled about 500 miles to get here and the charge was $312 for ground UPS. So that’s 10 cases of paper and this trade shop passes along the 35% UPS discount. If Canon can pass on the cost of shipping toner then there’s no incentive to becoming more efficient at it or even passing there discount along to you.

I’m no longer with Canon USA. The local Canon dealer is also a Xerox dealer and they do not charge for shipping toner for either brand or any other supplies.


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“Fuel surcharges at their discretion” are often in the contract you sign, but only recently have I seen companies enforce it.


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