Centering image on sheet


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Ok, I'm embarrassed to ask this question (I should know it, but don't).
I use InDesign, create a form, 8 1/2" X 11" image, centered, (no bleed).
I am printing on a Xerox D125 B&W copier.
The printed image is not centered on the sheet.
I use the Image Shift to center the image.
How do I create a centered image in InDesign, that prints centered on Xerox D125?


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You really need to centre the sheet on the machine.
This is how you align the print on the D125 - Create an Alignment Adjustment Setting

You can position the job off centre on your page in indesign but it's really not ideal. You can't afaik set indesign to print in a custom position in print settings or such.


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Next time a tech is in, get them to adjust everything to center with tray alignment OFF. They may need to physically adjust one of your trays to match the other. Make a cross pattern similar to the alignment verification sheet to use for your guide. You want the machine to be as close to perfect as possible, because tray alignment can only be used when running from one tray. If you want to auto select trays on a large run you have to turn tray alignment off, and you don't want different positioning from each tray. There is also a feed roller as the sheet enters the machine that affects skew that they can adjust. You want it straight and centered with NO tray alignment.

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