CHILI’s new features at Print-17


Staff member
CHILI publisher, a sophisticated online document editing tool, will be running ongoing demos throughout the show at Booth 257.
New features being demoed include:
  • Rendering—
    • New 5X server rendering speed: text wrap, drop shadow, blend modes, variables, text layout are fully operational with HTML optimized loading speed,
    • Browser-based users of Latin keyboards can now also input data from Chinese & Arabic.
  • Integration—
    • Documents & assets can be saved onto Cloud storage,
    • Create a DIY customized user interface,
    • Customers now have a unified closed circle HTML5 solution,
    • A remote user can show 3D visualization on a mobile device.


Sustainable Printing Goes Far Beyond Using FSC Certified or Recycled Paper
This informative paper on deinking: demand, principles, problems and solutions also explains why printing technologies are not all equally compatible with paper recycling systems; and why just a small fraction of printed material in the paper can cause difficulties.
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