CHILI publish hosts 4th SPICY talks


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CHILI publish—online, artwork & marketing collateral creation & editing software—welcomes attendees to the 4th edition of SPICY talks, taking place November 6-7, 2019 in the Silent Green Kulturquartier—Berlin, Germany. CHILI’s SPICY talks bring together speakers, influencers, customers, prospects, partners and its team to exchange knowledge, share experience and build expertise.

CHILI publish’s Smart Templates enable users to create tailored marketing material on whichever platform they choose, in a way that automates and optimizes traditional design and production processes, maximizing the marketing potential of any campaign in an efficient manner.

Conference attendees will participate in plenary, business and technical presentations under the 'Grow Together' umbrella, focusing on Smart Templates and how they bring about a new creative design and production cycle.

Jessica Berlin, Director at the American Cancer Society, explains: “Because we have users with little graphic design experience, in 2015, more than 2,000 hours were spent on one-off job requests for a single project. By 2019, the ACS has brought that number down to just 117 hours (using CHILI publish). Just 7-templates have replaced 400 PDFs, generating an incredible 630 customizations in only 2-months’ time.”

More information on the SPICY talks 2019 edition, can be found at the link.


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