CHILI publisher Online Announced


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CHILI publish—software for smart artwork and marketing material creation—has released CHILI publisher Online, a SaaS solution to accommodate anyone with a state-of-the-art web2print enablement module. Developed in conjunction with Microsoft Azure—the cloud computing service created by Microsoft— is available now, in 4-different tiers:
  • Starter—small companies or teams getting started;
  • Business— growing, mid-sized companies;
  • Professional—companies who service large customers;
  • Private Cloud—enterprises & global brands.
Each CHILI publisher Online tier consists of full access to all features, modules and APIs, automatic product updates, instant scalability and full access to the CHILI community.
More information on CHILI publisher Online is available here:


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So is the difference you can now use CHILI publisher with a month-to-month subscription rather than buying it outright? Is this just a change in pricing model, or did functionality change?


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Can any previous users of CHILI comment? Did their pricing scheme used to involve a single, large up-front license payment? Or did they always charge monthly (SaaS and all that)?


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I too am trying to find pricing information on ChiliPublisher. There is a third-party Plugin/Extension called "ChiliWoo" that allows you to connect to the ChiliPublisher engine via an API. This "Plugin" requires Wordpress and WooCommerce.

I can tell you it is like pulling teeth to try and get pricing (not on the plugin itself) but the licensing needed (by ChiliPublisher) to make the renders when an order is finalized.

Does anyone use this Plugin?
Can anyone share ball park price of what you are paying for ChiliPublisher?

It is frustrating when you want to evaluate a product and its pricing is so incredibly elusive: I really value the companies that are transparent about their pricing for their customers benefit. Sorry for the rant in advance.

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