Cleaning film processor to change from film to polyester chemistry


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Looking for suggestions. Does the film processor need to be cleaned in any special way? Can I use bleach or alchohol? Is this very fussy? Can I just drain, wipe off racks, and other loose stuff. Run water thru the recirculation system for an hour, and be good to go? Don't know the degree of sensitivity of polyester plates? Graphicsdealer wanted $175. for special wash.


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When we did ours we just used hot water, back in 2001. Aside from cleaning we where also given new internals from Mitsubishi, they had a different set of rollers and the metal plates were quilted rather than just flat.


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Just hot water imo. Be mindful to drain any filter canisters.
I have experienced poly plate scratches due to old bushings in the racks.


Watch out for bleach, it can create a gas when mixed with other chemicals that can cause serious lung damage. I think Fix is NOT to be mixed with bleach. Read the bleach label for more details. I have used bleach to clean the Developer tray of an old PMT (photostat) processor to remover the silver build up. However the 1st use killed the new chemistry. So I filled with chemistry and left for a few hours to "neutralize" the bleach. So perhaps after a good cleaning, fill the developer tank with water and run, empty and repeat as many times as practical, then fill with Polyester Developer and allow to soak & run for as long as possible. Be prepared that the first fill of Polyester developer may be ruined. Do a rough cost analysis, the time for the extra rinses, potential problems, cost of developer, is it worth the cost of the special rinse. Hope all works out well


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Drain the tanks, fill with warm water, pull filters ( don't need them any longer ), let it run an hour or so. Drain and fill with poly chem and speed up the processor and see what happens. Run the plate on the press to see if it will ink or stay clean in the background.

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