Tips for cleaning sheets from rollers??


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Had a few sheets up the rollers today, not a common thing but a fair pain in the ass when it does!! One unit was a fairly easy clean up, it was around the water forme so easily lifted out and cleaned, but the other was deep inside on the second ink forme so not so easy to remove and replace...

Anyhow we did the usual, removed what we could by hand then washed rollers repeatedly with warm water and normal roller wash, runnin up ink between and spongeing down scavenge rollers between each cycle and engaging both water and ink formes to get everything clean on each cycle...then dumped the ink duct contents as they were by then more paper than ink...

I later found that my offside was re-setting the 2 sheet detector on start up, and if the first sheet is a double it will go thru.... and the special and manual dont work for some reason, not usually a problem as the auto 2-sheet detector is normally so reliable...

Anyhows... to my question....this cost me about an hour running and an upset production manager, are there any other ways to speed this process up??

Any suggestions, weird wonderful or the conventional are welcome!!!!


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Sorry dont know of any short cuts to removing sheets from inside the roller train but prevention is better than cure, do a complete check/evaluation of all your two sheet detectors both electronic and manual, I know i'm stating the obvious. We use Ultrasonic and manual detectors and have not had this issue for ages.

Alois Senefelder

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Removing paper from roller trains

Removing paper from roller trains

Hello, just use "White Spirit" - Turps Sub. for removing paper - NOT Blanket wash !

Also "Don't " use water - this just breaks down the paper fibres.

Regards, Alois


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After you get the big chunks out run a little varnish through the rollers and watch what paper is left come on out.. This works pretty well for me...Thank God it isnt often


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Thanks guys, have heard of using varnish to remove paper from rollers but not tried it, will give it a shot if it happens again!! We currently have a tech "apparently" coming in to sort out a pre-set problem on the console, having to manually resize and change lays atm which is a bit of a pain, and will bring the 2 sheet detectors to his attention... the auto works fine but the manual and secondary need to be sorted...and now my offsider understands the problem behind re-setting the auto detector and doesnt do it...

Edit: the console flashes up a "special double sheet detector" warning, which tells me the detector is working, but does not shut down feed and lift impression.... not particularily usefull....might pull the manual tomorrow and check enablers etc may be switched off on console or machine settins or something...
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Post script to this question, had the worst wrap ive ever seen today, with a sheet around every forme on the 4th unit... it turned out that a cylinder cam follower had failed and not pulled sheets off the 13000 and hour on 90gsm gloss it got pretty ugly pretty damn quickly.... as the pin in the bearing had failed i did not want to move the press so removed and cleaned rollers by hand, heaps of fun on a 40 inch without an assistant for the most part... Such is life, afternoon crew were still waiting on a spare and engineer when i left, and it probably explains the 2 sheets they had in the 4th unit last night too..

Its friday afternoon....i think several beers may help it... :)

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