Cold foil, UV and conventional adhesive


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Hi, I am looking for some conventional and UV adhesive for cold foil printing application.
I got a customer is going to install 6C Heidelberg with foilstar. I got kurz foil ready but I do need some good glue for new machine. Which brand do you recommend?
I would have thought that Heidelberg or Kurz would be the best people to recommend which adhesive works best for their Cold Foiler/Foil. At least you will have some support if the product is ordered on their say so and does not do a good job.
I'm guessing this is a used machine.

I have no actual field experience but have been looking hard at buying a cold-foiler to retrofit onto a Heidelberg. From what I've heard from the gurus:
Toyo sells the best varnishes (adhesives) for cold foil.

This is also useful info that I've been told:
You can't use hot-foil for a cold-foil application. You have to buy purpose made cold-foil. Foil has a coating on it that makes it adhere. In the case of hot-foil this is a heat activated adhesive. With cold-foil this is two part adhesive. One being the varnish which behaves more-or-less like a primer in the print unit before the foiler and the second being a film applied to the foil itself when the foil is manufactured.
Hey guys! Toyo is good, but have found more universal results with INX 3020HT. Once in this cold foil game you will find some consumables work better than others for different types of work. Screens, solids, vignettes, and synthetic stocks. The right blanket is KEY as well.

Chevalier, I highly recommend talking to Mike King at Graphic Arts System. He manufactures the Eagle cold foil unit. Has installs world wide.

I'm lucky enough to just be an advisor/influencer on the matter. However, after thoroughly evaluating 4 solutions I cast my vote for Mike King/Eagle. I have no idea if the top guys will buy at all or if they will follow my advice.

Mike is also the man when it comes to hot foil.
Hi Ken, we a manufacturer of flexo inks and UV COLD FOIL ADHESIVE in South Africa.
Contact i'll send you a full presentation on UV COLD FOIL ADHESIVE and or other products you might need.
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