ColDesi DTG G4 Printer For Sale - Package (Located in Ontario, Canada)

Dear industry professionals, we are parting ways with our ColDesi DTG G4, a direct-to-garment printer that has served us well. This professional-grade printer incorporates cutting-edge technology and comes as a complete package for your garment printing needs.
Key Features:
  • Advanced Technology: The G4 features a patented Vacuum Platen, custom Kodacolor inks, and an intuitive touchscreen interface, setting a new standard for precision in garment printing.
  • Time-Efficient Design: The patented Vacuum Platen eliminates the need for garment hooping, optimizing loading and unloading times for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Premium Kodacolor Inks: Custom-formulated Kodacolor inks from Kodak deliver vibrant prints with enhanced colour saturation and detail, while also optimizing ink consumption.
  • Dependable Maintenance: The G4's self-regulated maintenance ensures consistent and reliable performance, instilling confidence in producing flawless prints consistently.
  • Streamlined Production: Benefit from the onboard print queue, allowing for PC-free operation and efficient management of large print runs.
Additional Details:
  • Manufacturer: ColDesi
  • Condition: Great condition, well maintained.
  • Usage: Moderately used, with substantial operational life remaining.
  • Included Accessories: The package includes Kodacolor inks, pretreat, a ColDesi PTM Pre Treat Machine, handheld pre-treat guns, and additional platens.
  • Reason for Selling: We are making space for other equipment in our shop.
  • Manufacturer Support: A lifetime support package can be purchased directly from ColDesi, ensuring continuous assistance and expertise. We have had a great experience dealing with the ColDesi customer service team.
Asking $13,500 CAD. Open to genuine offers from serious buyers.
Contact Information:
For inquiries and to discuss this printing solution further, please contact Great North Graphics at [email protected] or 807-620-0708.


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