Colorado and California to require salary range in job postings


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I was debating on putting this in "The Lounge", but it really will affect the printing industry as well. Colorado is requiring jobs to be posted with a salary range, and CA will follow starting next year. Hopefully other states will follow the pattern.

It really does waste both the applicant's time and the company's time to not post the salary range. I've always been a big proponent of salary transparency. Why would an applicant want to go through an interview (or 3) only to find you're not even paying what they need to earn. Why would you, as a company, want to waste your staff's time doing that? This happened to me early in my career, and I've never let it happen again. Now I won't go to an interview if they can't tell me the pay range.

Is it $60-80k, $80-100k, $80-120k, $150-200k? You know your company's budget, so include it. If there's concern that applicants will always ask for the top of that range, then put defined scales just like public sector jobs do. For those who have not worked in a public sector job, there are rows with increasing salary based on your years of experience. There are also columns with defined markers that compound on the years of experience. For instance, a bachelors degree, then a bachelor's plus 15 college units, then a master's degree, and so forth. Each column increases the pay of that row. See example pay scale below (this is not my pay scale, just an example)

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I can't tell you how many wasted job interviews I've been on over the years not knowing the salary. They never want to share that, which in turn is a waste of the hiring party's time as well.


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I had - I shit you not - one interview where the opening statement from the hiring manager was “we don’t offer health insurance, if that’s an issue might as well leave.” Like okay, why wouldn’t you say that before hand, before I wasted my time and burnt half a day of my PTO to get here, dickhead?

And plenty of companies that have decided that their salary range is less than half of my current.


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I had an interview recently that touted their "progressive values" but, couldn't tell me what the salary band was.
Basically "we offer pet insurance but, not a living wage".

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