Coronavirus infect to the Drupa


If it does run I suspect it will be a much smaller event. No one is going to commit to it untill the last possible moment. With it less than a year away and no one having a clue what the world will be like next year (economically and Covid wise)i It takes a brave soul to commit so much money to sending their company to show their wares.

If it does go ahead I suspect it will be a much smaller event, which in turn makes it harder for companies to invest next time. Just look at IPEX. 2014, it had shrunk so much, that by the time 2018 came a long it could not even fill a whole hall.


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They just started to seriously pump up the idea of "second wave" here. They're contemplating about a second shutdown. If that will happen, IMHO there will be no Drupa in 2021. The whole virus scam is hurting the printing business so much, I think after a second run there will be only package printing left.


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I have had the feeling that DRUPA has been heading to a dead end for some time now.
The commitment and the money needed to participate is so huge that by now only a few can really afford it and eventhough DRUPA is kind of like the base line it´s time as a showcase is over.
C-19 is just the final nail in the coffin.

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