Custom Preflight Profile not catching Vector Ink Density Checks?


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Custom preflight profile, and Preflight profile only catches Images with Ink Density images, not Vector fills/ or strokes from Indesign or Illustrator. Obviously I want the ink density to be flagged in any state. Attached is also the file that I have been testing with and the preflght profile

Dropbox - Ink Density Checks.pdf

Dropbox - Preflight Jacket_Cover_v07.kfp

Ink coverage is above 320%_2018


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Dov has closed down the topic thread at the Adobe forums, it appears that he has replied to you on yet another cross post at the CreativePro forums.

It would be nice if you shared the final answer.

Here are some words of wisdom from a certain mailing list:

It is a breach of etiquette for list members to post the same question to several on-line groups simultaneously. People who answer questions on these lists are often experts in the field who are donating generous amounts of their time to assisting those who need guidance. Nobody wants to waste time responding to a question that's already been satisfactorily answered elsewhere.

Instead, please post the question here or to whatever other group you think is most likely to be helpful. If you h aven't gotten an answer you can live with in, say, 48 hours, by all means try a different list. In such a case, it's only courteous to say something like "I have tried the XXX list, and got no reply" or "I asked this on the YYY list, and was told ZZZ, I'm not sure I accept this, would anyone here care to comment?"

Stephen Marsh

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