Customer requesting non-photocopy font


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Some people in our shop say they have encountered this before, but I cannot find any information on this. The Customer isn't interested in reflective/color security, but the actual font. Any ideas out there?



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I can't see how there could be a specific font that would not photocopy. The color is what the copier scanner sees, not the typestyle. The scanner sees what it's scanning as one big graphic.


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Alot of copiers do have security in them to prevent copying of certain features. They can detect when money is placed in the scanner.

I also had a client bring me in a document with a light watermark pattern in the background that wouldn't photocopy. Machine just brought up an error saying something along the lines of illegal copy detected.


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I have never heard of a 'non-photocopy' font, although, I have been told that you will get non-repro results if you print as 0% black on a white paper ;)
Is the customer looking for something like a VOID pantograph? (when copied displays a pattern and/or text....)


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Thanks for your input! I'm going to try the micro-printing option and see if they're interested in that.

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